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The Loss of a Legend

A little less than a week ago tragedy struck in the film world when one of the greatest actors of our time, Philip Seymour Hoffman, passed away.Some of our favorite movies in the whole world are the ones in which PSH held significant roles in and it’s hard to imagine not being able to see him in any more movies as the years go on. He had so much left to offer and it’s difficult to grasp that his demise was constructed by his own demons but if his death can teach us anything it is that sometimes things are not always so black and white.

Everything Philip Seymour Hoffman graced the screen in was gold. From Almost Famous to Capote, Hoffman brought characters to life that not only touched our hearts but also called our minds to attention with his thoughtful and truthful depictions of people who we could relate to, whether we had seen similar aspects in our friends or in within ourselves.

We have collected a few of our favorites stills from PSH’s best films to commemorate his life and his work.

As Lester Bangs in Almost Famous

As Lancastor Dodd in The Master

As Dean Trumbell in Punch Drunk Love

As Brandt in The Big Lebowski

As Truman Capote in Capote

As Scotty J. in Boogie Nights

As Phil Parma in Magnolia

RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman – you had true talent and you will be dearly missed.


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Currently coveting…plaid

We’re Mad for Plaid this season.

Be it tartan, madras, checks or glen we love them all, it’s just about the mix of highs and lows.  A structured traditional tartan mixed with denim or pairing a cozy flannel shirt with a feminine piece, are the favorites.  Of course no one can deny a good old flannel shirt worn with distressed denim, but it’s typical and on every junior companies website.  What we think it’s all about is the not so common mix and if it’s done well, it’s perfection.

Below is what we think is the best plaid combos at this years fashion weeks, from NYC to Paris.

selected from: iamkoo, stockholmstreetstyle, le21eme, streetfsn, streetpeeper

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Don’t Look Back…

Summer days make the pavement sing.  A sirens song calling you to ride her curvy slopes and open roads.  This is the pure essence of the four wheeled sled.   Gravity, the original and enduring stoke.

In the original “Epic Skateparks of California List”, the one that was crafted before the X-Games blew the doors open on the micro-cosm of skateboarding,  the Del Mar Skate Ranch in north county San Diego held a very unique reign.   In part because of its proximity to the beach and the hang that resulted, but also because of it’s staying power.   One of the last great parks of the 70’s to be closed, she ran for 9 years;  1978-1987.

In those years it was a magnet for skaters from all over the world, and the vibe was awesome.   Loosely managed as any good fun center needed to be in those days the Del Mar Skate Ranch had such a great, welcoming, anything-goes-as-long-as-it-makes-me-laugh scene.  The origin of the Highball-Hilton was conceived in those confines, with many of the transplants literally sleeping inside of the park at night, the lucky ones on the trampolines (Highballs) .   The rest of the Nomad’s, lived in their cars in the parking lot. For so many it was home, hell it was family.

Fashion, or trends,  as we have all been told run in cycles and it finally appears like the days of short shorts and long socks are once again upon us….This iconic sweatshirt is a survivor of that era. My husband rode Del Mar a handful of times during it’s prime. When he acquired the sweatshirt, I do not know, all that I can say was he wore it with pride for many years before it too got packed away.


~Glad to see her ride again!

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the lazy days of summer

I live for the sound of the ocean ,the feeling of salt and sand in my hair and clothes and the warm of the sun.  I live in a beautiful place and my salvation is my beach.  When I was much younger, living back in NYC I used to  always say I need to live by the ocean.  My idea was more a beach shack in some remote area of Belize and to become a earth mother with my baby and husband.  But my reality even though it is not that, it’s pretty good and I am grateful.

My heart is full of gratitude.  As I sit on my beach I realize I sometimes completely take for granted all the goodness in my life.  I loose that gratefulness a lot and get caught up in the daily bullshit.  I find myself dwelling on things out of my control.  Things that just should be left to fate.  I do know from my long list of ups and downs that during the down times there was always some wonderful goodness that came from them.  And when they are over I find I survived and I am stronger and better.

Today was the last day of my stay-cation so I have been spending the day relaxing at home  finishing up any odds and ends.  It has been a beautiful long week of spending time with my family and myself.  Tomorrow it’s back to work and getting up at the crack of dawn, I already have my alarms set 4:30, 4:40 and 4:50AM.  As my Mother in Law always said  ”Tomorrow is going to come PUR-RIT-TEE early!”   I have been throughly enjoying waking up at 8am everyday with coffee already made by my loving husband then spending the morning planning my day which always began with a workout and mostly ended at the beach.  I decided to use this stay-cation to get back to myself, spend time with my family and do all the things that make me happy.

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Live Free

Lately Camilla and I have not had much time together to have fun and just enjoy life. I took this past week off work for a staycation to hang with the family and live the beach life we sometimes take for granted. On Wednesday Camilla and I headed to The Cove to hopefully catch a bit of surf and relaxation. The Cove is great because the waves break far out which gives you a long easy ride in comparison to the shore breakers at our beach that all the extremely good surfers maneuver with ease. The surf was flat and the marine layer hung in the sky with only a bit of sun that would break through every now and then. But we didn’t mind, we hung out, shot photos and paddled around just for fun.

suit Acaica, shorts, kimono, converse


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Summer loving

Summertime! It’s my favorite time of year.  Something about Summer always brings about this carefree attitude of not planning anything, if I can help it. I rarely plan dinner in the summer, I like to see where the day leads and sometimes dinner ends up being a bowl of cereal on the deck watching the sun go down.  I love the longer days which means more time to hang in the warm summer sun and to me that makes everything better.  With no major travel plans this year we are fortunate enough to live in a place where we can stay home and still feel like we’re on vacation.  The best is waking up early and heading down to the beach before the crowds arrive,  just you and the local surfers checking the conditions.  The water is always so inviting and the way the sun hits the ocean at that time of day you feel reborn. Everything that seemed stressful or daunting in your daily grinds melt away and you can escape into the beauty of your surroundings.

H A P P Y   S U M M E R !

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Miss Sunshine

As promised, here is the second piece I was gifted from Willow & Clay!

I think this dress is just about the sweetest thing I have ever seen and because I am a total dress fiend, I knew that it was something I had to have in my closet for this Summer.

The colors and the cut remind me a great deal of my fave little on screen 12 year old, Suzy Bishop, from Moonrise Kingdom. Naturally, all I could imagine myself doing while wearing this dress was riding my bike and frolicking around town all day in the warm sunshine, flowers in my hair, wind in my face – all that jazz.

It’s definitely going to be one of my go to pieces this summer because it’s so easy to throw on and looks great dressed down but could also be just as adorable if it were dressed up a bit with some heels…or wearing it next to a lil kitty!

What can I say, Gizmo wanted to be featured on A Butterfly by Day and I couldn’t refuse!

Be sure to check out Willow & Clay online at their website!

Their pieces are lovely, affordable, and definitely serve as an awesome addition to any girl’s closet.

So click, click, click away!



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Shake it Up

With school’s surprisingly quick but totally welcomed end, I have been in quite a frenzy due to all sorts of things that come with the sweet start of summertime. From running back and forth between LA to OC, to moving my embarrassingly large collection of clothes back home, to getting my summer jobs situated and set up, you could say that things have been a bit crazy as I have been transitioning from school mode into work mode.

In the midst of all of this excitement and newness however, I was graciously gifted some pieces from the lovely online store Willow & Clay a few weeks back and I am finally just getting around posting now. I loved this gorgeous embellished top the minute I laid my eyes on it. With its slight 20’s appeal, it arrived just in time to coincide with release of The Great Gatsby earlier in May! I absolutely adore the femininity of the high neck line and the fact that the neon beading in the trim brings little bit of edge to the piece. Perfect for any outing and I can’t wait to where it more this Summer.

My look is styled with vintage Levi’s, a Stussy cap, Zara heels, and Jewelry from Prism boutique all borrowed from my mom.  Definitely one of the best things about coming home for the summer is being able to raid my moms closet when I want!

Check out Willow & Clay online at

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Lately…summer vibes

Although it’s just spring I am already planning for summer. We had a glimpse of summer weather just a week back and now it’s all I think about. I spent the entire weekend on vacation at the beach and didn’t feel a bit guilty about it. The moment I woke to sun beaming in through the window, I knew I was heading down to the beach and vegging out.  Since it was the end of April and not truly summer the beach was pretty quite, only a few others had the same idea which made it all the more peaceful and relaxing.  It was also Camilla’s birthday weekend so we had a chance to be together for a beach day and do a little celebrating.

Honestly, I got absolutely nothing done the entire weekend, no groceries or laundry was accomplished but, who cares I was on vacation.

It was the most amazing weekend… here’s hoping to another one.

The video below was made by Camilla, there is no sound just all the feeling, beauty and atmosphere of a weekend on the beach



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