Denim Daze

My denim obsession is old and long but it truly started in the 80′s  when I started wearing and collecting vintage levis.  Back then my favorite uniform and outfit of choice was a high waisted perfectly broken in pair of vintage 501 Levis, a white Hanes tee I’d pick up on 14th street and my Comme Des Garçon menswear black brogues. Now of course our choice in tees is undeniably much more vast than Hanes, but the search for vintage levis and my passion for hunting down the perfect pair of jeans continues, as so does my denim obsession.

Denim also has grown through many phases and yes there were some bumps in the road. Need we discuss that huge bump that happened in the 2000′s called Low waisted denim, where the look of choice for many was butt crack and thongs. Oh how I remember those god awful True Religion and Frankie B jeans that everyone wore and embarrassingly enough I had subcome to the trend myself. School girls and women of all ages with their butt cracks and thongs hanging out everywhere you looked, never mind the term butt cleavage was born in the hopes to make it acceptable.

Lets just hope the Denim craze from the 2000′s never returns.

Today our choice of denim from vintage to designer is in perfect harmony. These are some denim ideas to inspire and enjoy.


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