Chasing Sunset


Here is our beach. We call it all since even though it is technically a public shore, this is our place. This is really the place we swim, sun, surf, and watch the sun go down and have been doing so for a long time. It’s not quite as nice as a number of the neighboring shores, but who cares, it’s ours, and we could walk into it in five minutes.
Chasing Sunsets

Among the best elements of living so near the sea in Southern Cal is the Sunsets. It’s the best ending today watching the sun go down on the ocean. We are very blessed and have the luxury of doing this from our house on the deck; however, a pond is best when sitting on the sand listening to the waves and watching the birds fly like enjoying while socializing. Sometimes the Dolphins are outside, and more frequently than not, there is a sailboat on the horizon. Both Camilla and I are a little obsessed with sunsets and also have a propensity to believe each one is more amazing than the last. We always catch a camera and shoot as though we won’t ever see it again, and our life is dependent upon it. It gets the rest of the household a little crazy as one of us always imagining”Have you noticed the SKY!!??” as though it was our very last day in the world. Then one or both of us catch a camera and operate until the deck or attempt to get down to the beach in time to catch its awesome beauty.

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