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The best thing about bedrooms is that they’re specific to the people living in them. Your bedroom is yours. Your space to create, make your own, and hide from the rest of the world when necessary.


Recently I’ve starting referring towards my room as the “Dream Space.”


Well, simply put, because it’s where I dream the most – whether I am awake or asleep.

I am a pretty vivid dreamer in my sleep, and I would say the same applies during the day, seeing as I have never been one to pass up a good old fashioned daydream. That, coupled with the fact that I just spend a lot of time on my bed in general, should explain my affinity towards bedrooms.

I recently moved back in with my family and into my old room after I graduated and I have to say that returning to a place where you spent your formative years is well…daunting, to say the least. I walked in and I had pig paraphernalia all over my book shelves (I had a pig obsession…don’t ask), a group of outdated stuffed animals in one corner, and some very questionable, unrelatable posters on my walls that I suddenly had to deal with. I was a 22 year old girl trapped in 14 year olds world.

It became clear to me that I needed to make a change in order to feel like I could utilize my favorite space in the world – my dream space – properly. So, I redecorated. I simplified. I downsized. As a result, I cozied up in one of my favorite long sleeve thermals by Others Follow, a good book, and day dreamed like it was my job.

Outfit Details:

Long Sleeve Shirt – Others Follow

Grandpa Sweater – Free People

Knit Socks – Free People

Mini Shorts – Free People

Needless to say, I’m in love with my new set up and as always, in love with my Others Follow clothes! I couldn’t think of a better way to spend this past Sunday and if you can believe it or not, I have even M O R E fun shoots planed with OF Clothing so stay tuned for more updates very soon!

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