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When life provides you, lemons move on an adventure!

Not certain what this man has been doing, but it was certainly interesting to see him traverse his manner between the boulders.

I suppose I would not say that life was recently filled with lemons, but it has not been smooth sailing. The past couple of months have been somewhat mad, filled with small hiccups here and there, holding me on my feet as to where I’m going and also to what I need from life at this time.

Three hours after, we came to a blue sky filled with enormous fluffy clouds along with a scene full of colors just seen in nature. We led off the path to Jumbo Rock, a place with tons of paths to lose yourself from the wonder or merely climb a massive boulder. Having just”technical-climbed” twice in my entire life, I’m constantly in awe of the risk and difficulty of this game. My climbs weren’t that large, but I still recall them and feel impressed with myself, which I did; it repelled away from a cliff.

A gorgeous open skies high desert National Park named after the abundant Dr. Seuss such as trees that cover the region. The last time we had been, Camilla and Emmett were 5 and 6, and people all camped, increased, and improved. This time we chose to go just the night before merely to eliminate and picture its normal beauty. We left Cameras in hand and many layers to stack on whether it got chilly, making it DID! It snowed!

I’ve discovered the very best thing to do if feeling somewhat lost would be to catch your loved ones and have an experience to someplace new. It is going to change your outlook completely, and what that looked challenging will clean off.
We’re freezing and not ready for 30-degree weather. When we returned to the vehicle, we cranked the heat and led out with new clear heads and strategies to return sooner than last time, however, if the weather was only a Little warmer.

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