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After you take your first few big bites out of the world, the taste is sure to linger in your mouth for a while. It’s bittersweet because you’re not always sure of when you’ll be able to get away again, but you know that you would do anything to get that feeling of freedom and self discovery back, if you could.

This is where I am right now.

Pining, thinking and dreaming of ways in which I can  e s c a p e once more. Blaargh.


After backpacking through Europe this past summer with my brother and then heading down to Central America in Guatemala with my fellow A Butterfly By Day girl Valerie – otherwise known as my mom – in September, you could say I was kind of on a roll in the travel department.

“Real Life” – whatever that is – caught up with me though, and I’ve been stationary for a while now. So naturally, I’ve begun to itch for something fresh and exotic to enter my life again. Luckily,  a new adventure doesn’t always equate to hopping on a plane. Sometimes, if you go to the right places, you can feel like you’re far away by simply turning a corner.

I was recently gifted some really amazing pieces by Others Follow, whose clothes are without a doubt made for adventure seekers, the wanders, the free spirit in us all and the girls who daydream and doodle through all their classes (hi hello, that’s me.) I admit, I was feeling a lack of inspiration for where to shoot these clothes that would exude wanderlust vibes. That is until the perfect spot dawned on me! I then chose to go to the one place in my neck of the woods that felt like a hide out and ran with it.

So come get lost with me in my favorite secret spot as I frolic around in what I can definitely call my new favorite skirt by Others Follow!

Outfit Details:

White Top – Anthropologie

Printed Skirt -Others Follow

Black Booties – H&M

Sparkle Bomber – Zara

Bracelet – J. Crew

I’ll be posting more looks from Others Follow’s Fall Collection soon, so be on the lookout for part II in the near future!

You can shop more of their adorable looks here.

I hope everyone had a happy and safe holidays shared with family, friends and loved ones and that you are all able and ready to take on a new year full of  a d v e n t u r e !

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