Cindy Lou…WHO?

With the Holidays upon us Camilla and I have been talking about doing a holiday shoot. We’ve been coming up with lots of ideas but one that keeps popping up is redoing a shoot I did with her about twelve years ago. In the nineties I had my own children’s line that was completely inspired by both Camilla and Emmett. These are a few pictures we did for a Holiday advertising campaign. Camilla and I thought it might be fun to recreate it so stay tuned to see what we end up with. Can you guess which one is Camilla?
Also, our friend Robin is a fashion editor for SELF Magazine and she posted on her blog about the Tee shirt Camilla and I designed and are selling to raise money for little Jasmina. We did a post a few weeks back but you can also go to her blog to learn more.
XO Valerie and Camilla
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