Drift Away

“I think I’ll just drift away to that island of my dreams.
Live in total fantasy
Closes my eyes and drift away.”
The Kinks
The Other day My mom and I went down to the beach so I could shoot photos of her for my portfolio. She had recently gotten this Jimmy Choo dress from the H&M collection and I have been wanting to take pictures of her in it. The dress was actually a return at our local H&M so it was a great find, considering the store near us never carried the line. I haven’t shot fashion that much before and figuring out the lighting was a little hard because the sun was going down fast so the light sometimes was a little blinding for our eyes. But I am really excited about these few shots I did get. Looking at the pictures now I feel like shooting the dress in this location was perfect. I like that the structure of the dress and the boldness of the shoes are set against the unpredictable waves and tiny particles of sand. The softness of the beach itself makes the dress stand out. I like the contrast the setting creates with the outfit. The pictures to me tell a story and give me a mysterious, magical, dreamy and romantic feeling. My favorite is the first one because it reminds me of the ending scene of “The Little Mermaid” where she is in the sparkly dress coming out of the ocean except softer and a bit more elegant.  These are my first real attempts at fashion photography but I plan on doing more in the future because it was so much fun. I hope you like them.
We also received this award from the blogger Strawberry fields forever

Thank you so much Lia and we would like to pass it on to some of our favorite bloggers for being such talented, stylish girls and who continue to inspire us.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend
XX Camilla and Valerie
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