La Vie En Rose

“When he takes me in his arms he speaks softly,
I see pink.
He tells me words of love,
words of everyday.
and it makes me something.”
Edith Piaf
“The Roses in the window box have tilted to one side.
Everything about this house was born to grow and die.”
Elton John
“Give your heart and soul to me. And life will always be La vie en Rose.”
Louis Armstrong
Camilla and I were taking pictures for a shopping blog we are starting and thought it would be fun to shoot her in the cute new dress she was wearing with the roses I got for Valentines. The dress is from LF boutique, by the brand Millau and her boots are Jeffery Campbell. We also added my jacket by Millau again from LF. What we ended up with? Well, a feeling of “la vie en rose.”
XX Valerie and Camilla
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