Into The Woods

Vintage fur wrap belted with vintage Moschino belt, denim leggings from LF boutique,Boots Miss Sixty and crop top with gloved sleeves Comme Des Garcon
 This weekend Camilla and I wanted to find a new different spot to shoot some recent vintage finds mixed with a few of the designer archives I’ve saved from my youth. When Emmett heard about our shoot he said he had the perfect spot. So all of us Camilla, Emmett and I went to check it out, which was out into the woods to shoot. We deemed Emmett the location expert and assistant for the day which he was excellent at when he wasn’t swinging through the trees, Literally!
 The Hat Camilla is wearing is vintage Fred Hanson. The spot Emmet brought us to was fabulous and we ended up shooting two other pieces which we will be posting later. I think we will be going back again it’s a lovely place and so secluded and peaceful.
XO Valerie and Camilla
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I was inspired by the blogger style tease, when I stopped by her blog the other day and she had a project where she painted her flat mate and photographed her. It reminded me of a book I have had for years, that I absolutely find the most beautiful collaboration between two artists. I love collaborations, hence our blog. I feel people who truly inspire you to be a more creative version of yourself are sometimes rare to find. And when you find that person and it works, beauty happens. Veruschka broke onto the scene in the 60′s as a top model and actress of the film Blow Up.  She has been photographed by all the greats, like Richard Avedon, as well as graced the covers of all the best magazines. In the 70′s she meet Holger Truizsch a prominent painter and photographer, together they transformed her beyond recognition. The book is unbelievable and full of so many photos we had a hard time editing down to some of our favorites.

I just wanted to end by saying that so far, since Camilla and I have been blogging we have found some truly talented people who have inspired us in various ways. This weekend we are planning to shoot of some vintage pieces we found in the last month, and because it’s also Thanksgiving break maybe we will end up getting to shoot more than one. Hope you all have a wonderful, inspired weekend. XO Valerie and Camilla

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After Hours

 Coat by Idra from Anthropologie, skinny jeans BDG, Sparkle top Vintage, Heels from Forever21,bracelet cuff brought back from India.
While Hanging out with my boyfriend the other night he shot these photos of me. Hope you like! XO Camilla
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One For Jasmina

In January of this year our dear little friend Jasmina was diagnosed with NK leukemia. For the past 11 months sweet Jasmina has battled the disease with amazing strength and perseverance.  Her beautiful spirit has continued to shine even through the worst of times. Sunday, Camilla and I set up shop at a holiday boutique show to sell tee shirts that we designed and made to raise money for Jasmina.  You can find out more about Jasmina by going to We are selling them for $25, If you are interested in buying one please contact us at

Six year old Jasmina
Tee Shirts available in S/M/L
Jasmina and her mommy
“A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path”- Agatha Christie
XO Valerie and Camilla
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An Abbot Kinney State of Mind

There was no school Wednesday because of Veterans Day, so Camilla, Emmett and I went to Venice Beach to hang and shoot photos. Camilla is working on her portfolio for school and hanging out on Abbot Kinney is always fun and inspiring. Lots of great shops, Gallery’s, and coffee houses. One of my favorite places is Abbot’s Habit to grab a coffee and people watch.

Valerie is wearing a vintage full slip as a dress with a stripped tee and cardigan by J Crew over top and belted with a vintage belt. Leather Jacket from Alpine Stars and booties by Jeffery Campbell.
All the necklaces by Energy Muse.
Camilla is wearing H&M Jacket and skirt, Striped romper worn as a top only is Rapscallion by Samantha Pleet, Shoes booties Urban Outfitters.
It was a wonderful day full fun and love and inspiration abound hope you enjoy a walk down Abbot Kinney.
XO Valerie and Camilla
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It’s A Sweater Thing

This is Kind of a renewal design I did the other day by taking a large mens v neck sweater and changing it up to make it more feminine. Both Camilla and I have been into taking Old boring clothing and making something new of it, like recycled clothing!

Basically I just took the sweater and cut the sleeves shorter then chopped off the bottom band and slit up the side seams to about 1/2 inch below the armhole. I had some silk charmeuse laying around so I sewed up two very, very long sashes. Then I attached them to where I had slit the sides of the sweater and sewed it together. What I wanted was to take these long sashes and wrap them around and around to cinch in the waist,then tie a big bow. Camilla threw it on over a little black slip and there you have it,cozy and feminine.It also looks cute with jeans and boots. XO Valerie
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Susie Bubble Challenge

Hi! Well some of you who follow Style Bubble know Susie set up a challenge to see “who could cram as many colors into one outfit using only solid color block pieces”. She wanted to see if you could get up to ten pieces into one outfit. We Love Susie and thought it would be a fun evening activity. So off we went  to comb through our closets and try to come up with something that Susie would approve of.

We took a Purple silk  Dress as the base added a silver bustier on top then belted it with a patent taupe belt. After we added the Gold Jacket and a fuchsia fake fur collar, teal tights, brown boots, forest green handbag, navy silk headband, pink bracelet and yellow sunglasses. What do you think? Crazy, yeah but fun!
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I Got My Boots Boots!

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I’m far more comfortable behind the lens instead of in front of it but I just got these cute Jeffery Campbell booties in the mail from ShopBop and We thought we should post them. They have been sold out of LF boutiques in my size for a while so when Shopbop got a reorder of them I was so excited. LF says they are getting a reorder for Christmas so be on the look out if you want them. Actually LF has them with the tacks all over the wedge which is pretty awesome but like I said I couldn’t wait so here they are:)
Sequin top H&M, Jeans Genetic, Scarf Anthropologie, Necklace Energy Muse
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Having Beauty

Rita Saardi is an amazing designer. I literally was mesmerized by her designs and the videos she has on her site. Please go check her out she also has a blog that is very lovely, but be ready to be sucked in to her short movie Between Heaven and Earth.
having beauty; having qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind
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“Diversity in Harmony”

COMME des GARCONS Jacket 1988 from Autumn-Winter collection
We hope you can see the beauty of the jacket that is why it’s just simply worn nothing more, nothing less.
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