Polkadots & Moonbeams

Saturday Camilla and I went to visit our friend Wendy at her two stores Polkadots & Moonbeams. One is a Vintage store while the other sells new designer clothing and accessories.  I hadn’t seen Wendy in a while so when I bumped into her at a friends holiday gathering we had a chance to catch up.  She told me she was really into her Vintage store at the moment, she had recently found some great pieces but what she was really into was taking vintage dresses and shortening them into minis. She said they were selling like crazy and the girls loved them. Plus she was loving picking out the right dresses to alter into the new mini look. I told her about Camilla’s and my blog and that we vintage shop all the time but most of the time end up altering the pieces we buy. I thought the idea to be able to shop vintage and have the dresses already cut to fit was brilliant. Wendy also keeps a seamstress on hand at the store to alter what ever you like. Ms. Moonbeam herself as an incredible eye when buying vintage or new so her stores are merchandised impeccably. You defiantly can’t walk out without buying something because she covers it all and has prices points to suit every level. Camilla and I loved so many things in both of her stores we had a hard time deciding on what to get and ended up buying two dresses and the cutest little hat ever. So if you are ever in LA you need to stop by Wendy’s store, she also has quite a celebrity following like Drew Barrymore, Reese Witherspoon and Demi Moore to name a few.
All clothing and accessories are from the vintage store. Boots are Camilla’s own.
After a few hours in the vintage store we headed up the street to Wendy’s  “Modern” store where Camilla found this adorable hat.
As you can see the stores are so fun and worth the trip.
Thanks Wendy you are awesome!
Don’t worry we haven’t forgot about the give away and we are also playing with  the idea of a shopping site so we will keep you posted.
XX Valerie & Camilla
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