Stone Fox

We just received our first winter storm which means tons of rain for Los Angeles. Thank God we did this shoot on Saturday well before the storm hit. But with the Holidays now in full swing we have been busy, busy, busy and that’s why we are finally getting around to posting.  When we came home and looked at the photos I immediately recalled Sophia Coppola’s movie Virgin Suicides, Which explains the name of the post. I am not sure if it was the light in the photos or just Camilla who seemed to resemble the young Kirsten Dunst but, we both loved the movie.  Sophia Coppola did a wonderful job of capturing the mood of story from the original novel written Jeffery Eugenides who we think is brilliant.
I am so happy the holidays are here and Camilla and I have decided to make most of our presents this year so hopefully we will get around to shooting holiday photos. Hope you enjoy the shoot it was at our new favorite Emmett spot again.
Camilla is wearing a vintage dressing gown as a dress with a tube top and leggings from Free People and boots by Miss sixty.
XO Valerie and Camilla
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